Blue Ridge GC Construction & Grading Services

If you have a large construction project or just a small remodel.  We take pride in our earth-friendly approach to everything.  As a "green builder" in the beautiful mountains of Western NC, we always take the environment into consideration. We work with the land, making sure the building is ecologically sound and beneficial to everyone.

construction planning

A project is only as good as it’s planning. Blue Ridge GC will help prepare a good course of action – and we keep the project rolling, and you always in the loop.

cutom home building
Custom Building

From simple outbuildings to a full-blown home-building projects, we’ve done it all. If you need it built, BlueridgeGC of Asheville has you covered.

solar an geothermal systems
Solar & Geothermal Systems

With many tax credits and money-savings, solar and geothermal solutions are a great addition to many construction projects – and we can help you make the right choice.

excavation and grading
Excavation & Grading

We have the equipment and experience to turn complicated grading projects into a success, steep grades or flat terrain the job will be done RIGHT.

concrete work
Concrete Work

If you want a concrete foundation, drive or walkway, no problem.  We often recommend concrete in Western NC due to the many benefits. We also work with asphalt. 

green home construction
Earth Friendly Construction

Green building is another of our specialties. We love building homes and buildings that are not only beautiful, but that are good for the environment.